About Us/ Trainers

KiddieGym USA is established in New Jersey by some sports enthusiasts, whose passion for sports led them to start training programs designed for kids.  KiddieGym USA’s all programs are designed by incorporating parental feedback and research, where kids enjoy learning the fundamentals of the sport in a safe, friendly, and fun environment.

KiddieGym USA/ Pro Smash Table Tennis is registered under USA Table Tennis Association and follow its guidance. All trainers are professional and USA Ranking players.


Our trainers:

Luz Brisset:
  • USA Table Tennis (USATT) Certified Club Coach.
  • Gold Medalist–US Open Championships Hardbat Women’s Doubles.
  • Champion–Bryant Park Mixed Doubles.
  • Gold Medalist–Delaware Senior Olympics Women’s Singles.
  • Gold Medalist–Delaware Senior Olympics Mixed Doubles.
  • Champion–NJ State Championships Mixed Doubles.
  • Finalist–NJ State Championships Mixed Doubles.
  • Finalist–NJ State Women’s Event.
  • Champion–Pace University Women’s Event.
John McDermott: 2017 Achievement
  • 2017 USATT rating: 2138
  • 2017 U18yrs Champion – Steel City Open, Pittsburgh, Pa
  • 2017 U18yrs Champion – Robo-Pong Open, South Bend, Ind
  • 2017 U2200 Lily Yip Champion – Dunellen, NJ
  • 2017 SING TAO, NYC High School Finalist – Flushing, NY
  • 2017 U2350 AACCT Finalist – Flushing, NY
  • 2017 Junior Championships, Open Finalist – Princeton, NJ