Pro Smash TTA

Table Tennis, also popular as Ping Pong is a sport where 2 players play with a light weight ball. The game takes place in a hardwood table which divides by a net. Whoever miss the ball first, opponent gets the point.
Table Tennis offers many benefits. It improves hand eye co-ordination, brain development and reflexes. The speed, spin and placement combination helps to improve the mental agility and in real life it helps to face and solve any problems. It’s also the safe way to burn extra calories.
Table Tennis is governed by International Table Tennis Federation, founded in 1926. Table Tennis has been an Olympic sport since 1988.


Our Unique feature Robo Pong. Playing with Robot sharpens your strokes and improves your game.

Burn extra calories with Aerobic movements

Aerobic Ping Pong is a unique way to offer ping pong with the combination of music. It’s a great cardio work out program which works with the rhythmic beat of music.